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Ruby Red Punch

Makes approximately 3 – 4 drinks, approximately 1-2 grams of fibre per serve

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If you or someone you love has experienced bowel cancer, you know how valuable it can be to have someone to turn to who can help in facing the challenges bowel cancer presents.

This Valentine’s Day, instead of giving chocolates, cards, or flowers, consider sharing your love by supporting Bowel Cancer Australia.

Express your love for that special person in your life who faced bowel cancer or has helped you in your own experience, with a gift to Bowel Cancer Australia.

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Open Heart Pretzels (low fibre)

Less than 1 gram of fibre per pretzel (Make as many serves as you require)


  • 1 bag of pretzels
  • 100 grams of dark chocolate
  • Red sprinkles


  1. Lay out a sheet of baking paper on a cool surface
  2. Gently heat chocolate in a Pyrex bowl sitting in a saucepan with 10cms of water, gently heat the water to a bubbling simmer, add the chocolate to the Pyrex bowl and stir the chocolate frequently until it is melted and turn the heat off
  3. Dip one side of the pretzel in chocolate and add a liberal shake of sprinkles immediately so they stick, lay on the baking paper
  4. Repeat until you have the required amount
  5. Let cool and cover until they are ready to serve (0-4 hours)
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